Preparing You For The Non Conventional Threat

NEBO Inc. Defense & Medical Technologies

NEBO (Nous Electronics & Biosecurity One Inc) is a Canadian based International company with a long track record in defense and medical innovative products. NEBO success comes from its focus on innovative technologies that serves our clients. The company is well known for its design, turnkey and integration projects in the niche CBRNe fields.

Over the years NEBO has been successful in its expertise in establishing a well-defined consortium of manufacturers, researchers, innovators, regulators, business leaders, and partners in this field. Today we are proud of what we have achieved and will strive to continue to serve our partners and customers. NEBO products provide innovative, accurate, fast and effective protection against unconventional threats. From decontamination to PPE, disposable, detection and identification, our product range is unmatchable. Whatever your operational requirements be, a standalone or integrated, our team has the expertise to provide you with a tailored made solutions to match your specific requirements.

During the past few years, NEBO has made significant progress in preparing for future environmental, natural and terrorist threats by developing responding capabilities and expanding capacity to respond to all-hazard events. The constantly changing nature of threats mandates many countries to continue to press forward in developing these capacities with an eye on protecting our future.